Mountaineering/Approach/Hiking shoes


Since its birth in the nineties, Kayland has distinguished itself for the production of high quality, technical and specialized footwear, dedicated to a mountain professionals and lovers.

Travel / Hiking / Backpacking shoes


Trezeta is a brand focused on outdoor activities, immersed in nature, more in tune with the growing trend that aims carefully at the well-being, the journey and the ecosustainable approach of the outdoor, keeping intact its DNA of technical footwear and fine manufacturing quality.


Vintage outdoor shoes


The BRIXIA mood is based on its “Made in Italy DNA” designed by the group’s stylists and crafted with craftsmanship by local footwear companies, made with precious, modern materials and colors always aimed at capturing the evolution of fashion trends.




Inline / Quad / Ice skates

Fila Skates

Fila Skates represents the historical brand of MGM. Combined with the collection of inline skates, in recent years the quads and ice collections have made their way.



Roller Derby skates


Hypno is the very first Italian brand for full Roller Derby skates, devoted to international distribution.