Since its birth in the nineties, Kayland has distinguished itself for the production of high quality, technical and specialized footwear, dedicated to a team of mountain professionals. MGM acquired Kayland in 2013, keeping intact the high quality standard and constructive excellence, deriving from the particular attention paid to the studies of anatomy and foot dynamics, technological research, careful choice of materials and innovation in terms of design, developing with a renewed commitment the vocation and care for innovative technical details. A brand that relies exclusively on European productions, using only superior quality Italian materials.

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A company founded in the 60s as an artisan production, Trezeta was acquired by MGM in 2002. A brand recognized and recognizable by a marked predisposition for outdoor activities and mountaineering, thanks to the decisive contribution of MGM it was made more precise in terms of positioning, embracing the philosophies of “About walking” and “Travel Spirit”. Trezeta therefore becomes a brand more focused on outdoor activities, immersed in nature and disconnected from a concept of performance too extreme, more in tune with the growing trend that aims carefully at the well-being, the journey and the ecosustainable approach of the outdoor, keeping intact its DNA of technical footwear and fine manufacturing quality.

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Fila Skates represents the historical brand of MGM, covering the high end segment of the roller skates market, for which the numerous patents registered through the years have marked the evolution of this type of product. Fila Skates meets all the demands of the world of skating: from competitions, to freeskate, from fitness to leisure time to figure skating, these products have always been linked to concepts of high performance, reliability and durability. Combined with the collection of inline skates, in recent years the quads and ice collections have made their way, developed with the same objectives of high-level technicality and design, therefore claiming the same success on the market, as of inline skates.

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MGM, a moving company….

MGM Spa is an historic company of the Italian sports system, which has been active on the market for over 35 years, a leading player in the field of mountain and outdoor sports footwear, and roller skating, with distribution all over the world.

The company philosophy has always been aimed at the maximum commitment to innovation, of process and structure, to the constant pursuit of quality, based on materials, production standards and professional relationships, and the offer of functional products, technical and with a sophisticated design.

A company with a young team, which stands out for its modernity and efficiency, thanks to the pursuit of an organization based on lean thinking, that is applied to all levels of the business, expressing an ethical, professional and engaging business concept for all the staff.

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